10 habits that will earn you more playing time

10 habits that will earn you more playing time A challenge that every player will experience, at some point in his or her playing career, is a lack of playing time. Playing time comes down to a player's abilities, a player’s attitude, a coach’s tactics, and an opponent’s style of play. When it comes to [...]

Speed of decisions in soccer

Speed of decisions in soccer: How to develop faster vision and decide what to do next. The speed of your decision making as a soccer player is paramount to your success as a player. When coaching players, years ago, I would ask them, “what’s your connection to the game right now?” or [...]

Setting Your Soccer Goals for 2017

Setting Your Soccer Goals for 2017 Setting goals can be an overwhelming process to start. There are many different directions on how and why to set goals. Whatever your current stage as a soccer athlete setting new goals for 2017 are essential to improving. As the saying goes “life is a journey, not a destination.”  This is [...]

Preparing For Your First Overnight Soccer Camp Experience

For many of the Steamboat Soccer Academy Residential campers, this will be the first time they will experience a true multiday residential, overnight, camp experience. We want to make sure your child's first overnight soccer camp is a success, so we have prepared a list of the top 10 things you can do as a [...]

Top 5 Reasons for a High School player to Attend a Summer Soccer Camp

Top 5 Reasons for a High School player to Attend a Summer Soccer Camp Why should all teenagers look to attend a summer Soccer Camp? Do you play club, academy, high school? Can you benefit from working with different coaches, players and support staff? Here at Steamboat Soccer Academy, we have come up with 5 [...]

Soccer Player Character Development

Soccer Player Character Development When measuring personal development as a player, we tend to focus on technical areas such as shooting and passing or physical components like speed and strength. Have you ever thought about measuring your athletic character strengths and weakness? What are character skills? Brett Ledbetter from whatdriveswinning.com has developed a fantastic [...]

Summer Soccer Camp Considerations

As the Steamboat Soccer Club and Steamboat Soccer Academy Director for over 24 years, I believe it is fair to say that I have a fair knowledge of the benefits of attending summer soccer camps and what to consider when researching potential camps to attend. What is the value in attending a soccer camp? [...]

CANI: Constant And Neverending Improvement

CANI: Constant and Neverending Improvement Every day you get out of bed is a day you have an opportunity to improve. That improvement may be at home with your family relationships, at work with your colleagues, in your studies or on the soccer training pitch. Improvement can come in big changes, but usually comes in the [...]

Preseason Preparation for Spring Soccer

Preseason Preparation for Spring Soccer Make it your mission this winter to be the most prepared soccer player in your league this spring! That preparation begins eight weeks prior to the official start of your soccer season. A big part of personal preparation is conditioning, but that is only one piece. Can you, as [...]

Playing Soccer at the College Level by Coach JB Belzer

Playing Soccer in College takes focus and determination. As a rising high school freshman, sophomore, and junior there are many questions regarding the entire soccer college recruiting process.  The process can start with asking several questions of yourself on what you may want from a college education.  Regis University Head Coach, and SSA Staff coach, has [...]