Brain Centered Soccer Training – CogiTraining Method

“You See with your Brain, Not with your Eyes” – CogiTraining

As coaches, just like players, we push ourselves daily to learn, grow and improve our craft. We develop, implement, and try new ideas.  We read, watch, and observe other players, teams and most importantly coaches.  It is a big universe, it is important to put ourselves out there. This past January, I had the opportunity to attend a session at the 2014 United Soccer Coaches (USC) Convention in Philadelphia that really inspired me:  “Brain Centered Training in Football,” conducted by Michel Bruyninckx, Managing Coach, and Jose Riga, Director of Football Development, ASPIRE – Academy for Sports Excellence.  The research and science is certainly not my area of expertise, but practically speaking the training activities hit home the principles of “deliberate and deep practice”.

The benefits stated of the CogiTraining Method are:

  • Improved cognitive readiness or learning readiness
  • Improved balance
  • Improved collaboration between the left and right brain parts
  • Improved perception
  • Improved body and ball mastery
  • Better understanding of influence of time and space
  • Better rhythmic performance
  • Less postural problems
  • Better retention of motor functioning
  • Better bilateral performances, less injuries (position of pelvis)
  • Improved mutual respect and solidarity
  • Growing self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Better school performance
  • Improved general behavior
  • Better school results

Coaches from SSA are implementing these concepts in their training activities in our winter indoor training programs, and we will be attending a CogiTraining workshop.  As we look to July, Steamboat Soccer Academy will implementing the methodology into the Academy curriculum.

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