2020 Steamboat Soccer Academy Cancelation Notification

Announcement - May 19th, 2020

Due to the ongoing challenges from the COVID-19 virus, and concern for the health and safety of our participants and staff, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all 2020 Steamboat Soccer Academy Camps.

We know that this news will be disappointing and we share in those sentiments. As a small locally owned business, this decision is one that has been very difficult for us to make, and in the end, was out of our control. We know our soccer family is strong and we appreciate your support of our summer soccer camps and hope that you can join us in the future.

We are sure you are wondering about your 2020 registrations. In an effort to do the right thing, we will be extending the benefits of our SSA Cancelation Insurance to all of our registrants, at no additional cost this year.

As your family has already invested in joining us for 2020, we would like to offer you two options going forward for your registration, including an opportunity to commit to joining us in 2021 and beyond.

Option 1) 
Commit now to join us at a future camp by applying all funds currently paid toward either the 2021 or 2022 Steamboat Soccer Academy, through your SSA Active.com account. In December, when registration opens you will be able to apply all your account funds towards the camp of your choice, and take advantage of our historically lowest prices of the year while avoiding additional registration fees from the Active.com system.

Option 2)  - Request for refund ends June 10th, 2020
Request a full refund, less Active.com processing fees, to your payment option on file with your SSA Active.com account. Refunds will be batch processed by the end of July 2020.

As you can imagine the process of refunding a large number of registrations is a complicated one and will take some time, as we work with our partners at Active.com to process your requests accurately and fairly. We will batch process all refunds by the end of July 2020.

If you would like to apply your 2020 registration funds to a 2021 or 2022 camp, or you do not request a refund by June 10th, 2020, we will apply your 2020 registration credit amount to your SSA Active.com account to be used for the 2021 or 2022 SSA camps. When you return to register for either the 2021 or 2022 camps, you will be able to apply all your account funds directly to that camp and avoid further registration fees.

As we are all working through these unprecedented times, we appreciate your understanding and patience as we process your requests in a timely manner.

To notify SSA of the option you choose, please email us with your decision before June 10th, 2020 with your registration confirmation number, and player name(s), and the option you have chosen.

Please send all requests to: registrar@steamboatsocceracademy.com

To check your account and update your SSA Active.com account contact information through the Active.com Login Portal

If you have any further questions, please be sure to contact me, your camp director, at director@steamboatsocceracademy.com.


Rob Bohlmann
Steamboat Soccer Academy



Will Steamboat Soccer Academy be back in 2021?

Absolutely! We will plan to see you again in July 2021!

How can I help Steamboat Soccer Academy come back strong in 2021?

As a small locally owned business, we appreciate your willingness to help bring Steamboat Soccer Academy back in 2021. By choosing Option One, paying your registration forward to next year’s camp, you will be helping to ensure our ability to put down facility and field deposits, purchase equipment and also pay our staff and vendors as we prepare for 2021. Be sure to keep an eye out for our newsletter and register early for 2021 when registration opens in December!

If I am on a payment plan, will I still be charged on May 31st for my balance, if refunds are not coming until the end of July? 

No, you will not be charged for any further payments. To confirm this, you can visit your Active.com Login Portal.

How much are the non-refundable Active.com Processing fees?

During registration, you were charged a $7.67 processing fee per session registered by Active.com. Your receipt should reflect this amount. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund this fee. 

Why will it take until July to receive our refund if we choose option 2?

Active.com, our registration portal, is working with us to redeposit funds so they can be dispersed easily through a batch process for our camp. We are giving everyone until June 10th to respond with your refund option request, at which time we will fund all of the requests. As a small locally owned business, we use registration funds to cover operational costs each year and fund future camps. With the cancellation of the 2020 camps and providing refunds, to all those who request them, we are in need of extra funding to make sure everyone can get their refunds and ensure funding for future camps. We are working with our bank to attain loans to cover all of our operational costs incurred to date, ensure we have facility deposits and equipment for 2021 camps, and to cover all refunds requested. We do appreciate your understanding and support while we work to get you refunded. We are committed to having all requested refunds back to you and your family before the end of July. 

How will I receive a refund if I request it? 

All Option 2 refunds will be processed through Active.com and returned to the form of payment on file when you registered. In the majority of cases, this means the credit card you paid with. You can check your SSA Active Account portal to ensure your Credit Card information is up to date. 

What happens if my Credit Card expires before you refund our account?

You have the opportunity to log in to the SSA Active.com Account Portal and update your payment information prior to us issuing refunds, so your refund can be processed. If we are unable to process your refund to your account on file, we will credit your SSA Account for future camps. ActiveNetwork Guide to updating your CC Information.

If I choose Option 1, how long do I have to use the funds? 

If you choose Option 1, pay it forward to future sessions, your SSA Active.com account will be credited with the fund you have already paid, and stay in your account until you use them, up to two years (2021 and 2022 sessions).

If I choose Option 1, can I use the funds for any Active.com registration, that is not part of Steamboat Soccer Academy? 

No. All funds in your SSA Active.com account will only be available for Steamboat Soccer Academy registrations and purchases. You will not be able to use the funds for other Active.com services or registrations. When you register for camps you will not be charged their processing fee again($7.67) as that fee has already been paid.