Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get in touch with the camp?

Check out our Contact Us page for Phone, Email and Mailing addresses.

Where is the camp based? What facilities are used for the Steamboat Soccer Academy?

For 2021, all camp activities will be handled directly at the fields where your camp takes place, either Emerald Field, Ski Town Fields, or Memorial Fields

When and where is check-in/check-out?

Check-in will be held at an assigned field location. Complete schedules and locations will be emailed prior to camp.

Check-Out will be at your player's assigned field.

Is there a sample schedule of the training sessions online?

Check out this Complete Sample Camp Schedule. Final official schedules will be sent to registered campers by email in their camper packet and available for download online the week before your camp.

Your player was registered for camps in 2020 and opted for a credit to your SSA account. How do I use that credit?

First off, thank you for trusting in us and knowing we would be back in 2021. All Credits were applied to the account on file with for the 2020 registration. When you register for 2021 camps, be sure to login with the same accounts, and your credit should show on your account. That credit will automatically be applied to this year's camp when you register.

I had a credit, but my credit did not cover the full cost of the camp, do I still owe more?

Unfortunately, due to the cost of running the camp and keeping campers safe with COVID-19 still active in our country, we have been required to raise our rates to accommodate extra costs. We have worked hard to keep those costs as low to your family as possible.

I had a credit, and after registration, I still have a balance, what happens to that credit?

The credit on your SSA Account is yours to use for up to two years. This means your credit amount will forward to the 2022 season as well.

What will happen if COVID-19 returns and camps are canceled for 2021?

SSA will be watching the health conditions in our communities prior to the 2021 camp taking place. If we do decide we need to cancel the 2021 camps, all paid fees will be reimbursed to your account to be applied for up to two years on future SSA camps. For those families who have purchased our Registration Insurance, you will be eligible for a refund of fees paid to date for this year's camp. Be sure to check our cancelation policy for details.

Is there specific Goalkeeping training?

Yes. Our goalkeeper’s participants will train with our goalkeeper coaches in specific cutting-edge GK training sessions. All goalkeepers will also be integrated with the field players for match games and small-sided competitions. GK trainers/coaches will work with all goalkeepers during these games on proper warm-ups and game evaluations.

Do boys and girls train together?

All players are put into groups based on session, age, and gender when they first arrive at camp. For the younger players(8-13), the boys train with boys and the girls with girls. For some high school age(14-19) sessions, we have limited co-ed tactical training sessions.

What is the advantage of Steamboat Soccer Academy vs a Collegiate Camp?

Steamboat Soccer Academy will offer the best learning environment possible in an awesome mountain location with the best staff available. The learning experience at a collegiate camp will not be as dynamic and diverse as it is at Steamboat Soccer Academy. Collegiate camps will be taught by the coaches from that university and with that university's players. This may mean only one style of play is being taught. If you want to be noticed by that particular coach then going to their collegiate camp will give you direct exposure to him/her, their playing and coaching methods, and the opportunity to experience the campus life at that particular institution.

How long has Steamboat Soccer Academy been conducting camps?

The Summer of 2021 will mark the 26th year of running camps in Colorado. We had to skip a year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020.

What is the best way to get to Steamboat Springs if I am traveling from out of state?

Steamboat is a world-class resort destination. If you are not within a relatively easy car drive and would prefer to travel by air we recommend that you contact our partners at Steamboat Reservations and Travel to assist your needs. Please call them Toll-Free at 1-800-752-8911 or Email address: We have had participants attend our camp from 25 states and 5 different countries and Steamboat Reservations and travel have helped them every step of the way.

The Local Airport code is HDN (Hayden/Steamboat) and shuttles to Steamboat form the airport (20-minutes) are available from Steamboat Taxi. Also, players can fly into Denver International Airport (DEN) and Steamboat Taxi offers twice a day shuttles to Steamboat (4-hour shuttle ride).

I found out all my friends are in another session. Can I change the session that I am attending to join them?

Changes are allowed if there is room available in the session you are hoping to transfer into. There is a $25 administration fee to move campers from one session to another. If you purchased SSA Cancelation Insurance, this $25 fee is waived. If you upgrade to more sessions or to a more costly session (Day Camper to Day Camper Plus or Residential) no extra fees will be charged.

I am a day camper; can I attend more than one 4-day camp session?

Absolutely, just register for each Performance Session you would like to attend. Bonus, you get an extra t-shirt with each registration!

Do you have any specials if I bring my team to train?

Yes! We do offer a deal for teams who sign up together with 8 players or more from a single team. Find out more: Team Discount Program

Do you have trainers or medical staff at your camp if I get injured?

Yes. We have a dedicated trainer available each day and will work with all of the campers if they are needed.

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Resident Camper Questions (2022):

How are the campers grouped in the residential dorms?

The campers are paired up in the rooms with someone of their own gender and as close in age as possible. Campers may request a roommate.

How many campers stay in each room?

For this year, all rooms are all doubles with two players per room.

How can I request a roommate?

Roommates requests are part of our registration process, you can update the field by logging into your account with after registration. We will attempt to honor any roommate request if we are able. Both students must request each other and only each other for us to be able to honor that roommate request.

What kind of supervision is provided for the participants off the field between sessions and overnight?

All participants are supervised at all times in the residence halls by SSA Camp Counselors (current male and female collegiate soccer players), as well as, other Academy staff and Colorado Mountain College Staff.

How are the boys and girls housed at camp?

There are separate dorms floors/wings for the boys and girls at camp. The boys' dorm area is off-limits to the girls' area and vice versa. The female camp staff stays in the same area as the female students and male staff stays in the same area as the male students.

How much cash should a residential player bring?

Participants do not have to bring any money, however, things that you might want to use the money for include the Camp Store, coin-operated laundry machines, or to purchase extra snacks or food from food trucks on campus from time to time. Some vendors do not accept credit cards or mobile payments, so be sure to provide your players with a little cash to make things easiest.

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