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Information for Parents

Why Chose Steamboat Soccer Academy?

The Steamboat Soccer Academy has been conducting soccer camps since 1994. Since that time we are proud to have developed a reputation of being much more than a traditional soccer camp. The following are a few of our highlights:

Facilities – Steamboat Springs is beautiful in the summertime!  It is a World Class mountain destination. Topnotch venues, inspirational setting, and great weather with clean mountain air.

Staff –  Core to the Steamboat Soccer Academy experience is our staff.  Our staff is a great team.  Over 80% of our current coaches have been on board for the past 10 years or longer, some since our inception.  We have a common bond and passion for the game and teaching youth and young adult players alike to become better players and people. Our participants experience player development and peak performance training with our staff by interacting within a group session, and collaborating one-on-one with coaches who truly care about their individual development and camp experience.

Curriculum – The Steamboat Soccer Academy is everything a peak performance soccer camp should be.  Technical, tactical, and functional sessions.  Speed, agility, and quickness training.  Fun and intense small-sided competitions.  SSA Cup 8v8 and 11v11 match games.  Dynamic classroom and video sessions.  Also to maximize quick recovery and regeneration between field sessions SSA integrates fun off -field activities such as inner-tube floating the Yampa River, swimming in Steamboat’s world famous hot springs pools, and more.

Player Development Impact – Our goal is help players become the best they can be.  We create a camp environment that provides the means to daily success and growth.  More important we provide the knowledge, self-confidence, and tools necessary to continue your player’s development when they return home.  Two tangible examples are the SSA Player Evaluations/Plan of Action Packet and the Isoccer Personal Skills Assessment and Development Program that we provide to each participant at the conclusion of camp.

What about the Supervision of my son or daughter?
Steamboat Soccer Academy understands that supervision is a concern of all parents. We take great measures to insure supervision during all aspects of the camp.

Majority of our coaching staff stays on campus and in the dorms with the campers. Additionally we have dorm counselors who’s primary duty is to befriend campers help make all aspects of the campers dorm life a comfortable experience.  We station staff on each floor/wing of the dorms so if the campers have any problems or concerns they can quickly and easily locate a staff member. Male and female staff coaches are assigned according to gender.  Any camper not feeling well will not stay in dorms alone during training sessions, they must come to the soccer field so that they can be supervised by staff.

Our small staff-to-camper ratio allows us to have a constant presence in the eyes of the campers. Before leaving for field sessions, meetings, or off-field sessions the entire camp will meet and each staff coach takes attendance for their group. The group will not leave until all campers are accounted for. Campers are escorted to all functions by the SSA staff.

The staff  will ensure campers are in their rooms and go to bed at the specified times as well as making sure they are up in the morning, either for breakfast or sunrise soccer, as well as making sure the campers attend all meals.
All of this creates camaraderie between staff and campers while at the same time functioning to provide adequate supervision at all times. This creates a great environment where the focus is learning and having fun with no distractions.

The Steamboat Soccer Academy is much more than a traditional soccer camp – it’s a one of a kind player development and peak performance experience.  We invite you to join us this summer and experience why players and teams from seven different counties, twenty five states, and locations from all points within Colorado have made the Steamboat Soccer Academy their soccer camp of choice.


Rob Bohlmann
Steamboat Soccer Academy Director