Soccer Player Character Development

When measuring personal development as a player, we tend to focus on technical areas such as shooting and passing or physical components like speed and strength. Have you ever thought about measuring your athletic character strengths and weakness?

What are character skills?

Brett LedbetterBrett Ledbetter from has developed a fantastic glossary of performance and moral character skills for athletes evaluate and develop. I personally believe that many athletes have incredible sport specific game skills, but many fall short in both performance and moral character skills. These skills are often defining from the good to the great.

The following is a great exercise that Brett recommends:

From the following list of words, choose 5 performance and 5 moral character skills that you feel best to describe you, and/or you would like to improve upon.

Performance Character Skills

Hardworking – Paying the price with effort.

Competitive  – Striving to be your best.

Positive – Good and useful thinking.

Focused – Eliminating distractions.

Accountable – Taking responsibility for your actions.

Courageous – Operating outside of your comfort zone.

Resilient – Bouncing back from setbacks.

Confident – Self-trusting.

Enthusiastic – Expressing enjoyment.

Disciplined – Self-regulating.

Motivated – Having a strong purpose.

Creative – Out of the box thinking.

Curious – Desiring to learn or understand.

Moral Characteristics

Unselfish – Putting the team first.

Honesty – Telling the truth.

Respectful – Showing Consideration.

Appreciative – Recognizing the good in someone or something.

Humble – Distributing credit.

Patient – Tolerating delay or struggle.

Loyal – Showing allegiance.

Trustworthy – Being reliable.

Trustwilling – Relying on others.

Encouraging – Giving confidence and support

Socially Aware – Understanding signals sent and received.

Caring – Investing in the person.

Empathetic – Sharing the feelings of others.


Next write a story stating what you want your coaches and teammates to say about you at the conclusion of your season. Within your story use the 10 character skills that you chose. This exercise will give you a vision of who you are striving to be.

Brett Ledbetter: Person over Player