Steamboat Soccer Alumni Launch indoor Tournament

Steamboat Soccer Academy Coach and Steamboat Soccer Club Technical Director Hobey Early isn’t letting the snow keep Steamboat away from the world’s game. Earlier this month, SSC installed a brand new indoor futsal soccer turf at the Mountain Village Montessori Charter School. The new turf will allow players of all ages to continue to compete and hone their soccer skills. To commemorate the addition of the new turf, SSC has teamed up with the Steamboat Soccer Alumni Association to hold the inaugural Holiday Indoor Futsal Tournament on the turf.

Steamboat Futsal Turf - Photo By Joel Reichenberger

The Steamboat Soccer Club will host the first ever Holiday Classic Indoor Futsal Tournament at the Mountain Village Montessori Charter School gymnasium west of Steamboat Springs.
Photo By Joel Reichenberger

This year’s 12-team futsal soccer tournament is slated to open Wednesday, December 27th, 2018 and go through the 29th. The tournament will benefit the Steamboat Soccer Club and is sponsored by the Steamboat Soccer Alumni Association.

“With the new indoor turf, we are able to do this during the holiday time,” said Hobey Early, with the Steamboat Soccer Club. “We thought this was a great opportunity to try to reconnect with alumni of Steamboat Soccer and build more connections and relationships with people who have been involved with the club, whether that’s players, coaches or parents.”

The goal of the tournament is to grow beyond 12-teams in the future. They hoping to add younger divisions that include current players in the future and to attract some out-of-town teams to the mix in the future.

This year games will be held in the afternoons from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. inside the gym at the school west of Steamboat Springs located at the entrance of the Heritage Park subdivision. Early said the bleachers will be pulled out and fans are encouraged to come out and cheer for their favorite teams.

The games will be limited by a 25-minute running clock, with teams of five players going head-to-head on the turf. Brackets will include men’s and women’s competitive divisions and a non-competitive co-ed division.

“There will be room for people to watch for sure,” Early said. “Who knows where it will go, hopefully, it will continue to grow.”

For more information contact the Steamboat Soccer Club or the Steamboat Soccer Alumni Association.

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