Team Discount Program

The Steamboat Soccer Academy is proud to offer a discount program for all soccer teams and groups of players within a team/program.  Please read carefully the details to take advantage of the discounts.

The following discounts are available for any Youth or High School Camp Option:

  • 8 or more players signing up as a group = $50 discount for each player*

Team Discounts


Option 1) Online Registration:

  1. Contact SSA by phone at 970-627-7401 and set up a Discount Code for your team/group.
  2. Each player will need to register individually
  3. During registration,  each player will need to identify their team/group
  4. In the coupon entry area, enter the discount code provided in step 1 the team/group.
  5. Each player will receive a $50 discount* on registration that is dependent upon 8 or more campers signing up with the Discount Code provided.
  6. If the discount code does not reach 8 players, at check in each player will be required to pay the $50 discount back.

Option 2) Mail-In Registration:

2019 SSA Group Discount Packet

  1. Each Player must completely fill out the individual player application.
  2. All player applications must be mailed together with a $250 deposit check for each applicant (checks can be individual or a team check).  The remaining balance is due 10 days prior to the start of your camp session.
  3. You must include Team/Group Discount Roster Form with your compiled set of individual player applications.
  4. After your initial submission, you will be provided a discount code for adding more players through our online registration system. Additional players must have your club/team name included in their online registration and use the online registration system.
  5. Mail-in Team/Group Discount program deadline is June 15th, 2019.
  6. Please mail Check(s), Group List and completed Applications to:

Steamboat Soccer Academy
2786 Riverside Drive
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

*Team/Group Discount program is not valid with any other SSA Promotion or Discount.

See you on the field,

Rob Bohlmann
Steamboat Soccer Academy Director