Top 5 Reasons for a High School player to Attend a Summer Soccer Camp

High school Soccer CampWhy should all teenagers look to attend a summer Soccer Camp? Do you play club, academy, high school? Can you benefit from working with different coaches, players and support staff? Here at Steamboat Soccer Academy, we have come up with 5 reasons attending a summer soccer camp, like SSA, will help to make you a better soccer player in the fall.


Diversity is a key to becoming a well-rounded player, and even a player that can excel in any situation with any team they play with. Maybe you compete with only your high school or your club. In order to be a truly great player, you must learn to adapt to the playing styles of the players on the pitch. The more diversity you see in training the better you will be at playing with and against players from a different community, state or even country. At Steamboat Soccer Academy, we have players attend from around the country and coaches from around the world that help bring new and exciting ways of playing the game of soccer to the campers. Just over the last 5 years, participants have represented 5 countries and 16 states.


Attending a summer soccer camp allows you to develop as a player faster. Challenging you with new drills, against players you must adapt to, allows you to grow more quickly as a player. At SSA, Our highly experienced staff know how to run fun, competitive, and effective training sessions multiple times a day that will improve your skills and develop your soccer awareness. We also included daily 9v9 and 11v11 games to apply your new skills in game situations, further allowing you to develop your new skills over the week.

Recruiting Exposure

When you attend a summer soccer camp, you want to look for camps that provide a College ID aspect to their camp. College ID camps allow you to be coached by and play for an extended period of time with collegiate level coaches. This time with these coaches allows them to see your work ethic, training focus and your soccer abilities over days instead of hours. If you want to be able to display your talents as a soccer player to college coaches, summer soccer camps are one of your best bets. Steamboat Soccer Academy’s coaching staff represents a multitude colleges/universities. These coaches work with the high school age training groups throughout the camp to help them understand the game of soccer better, and in hopes of finding their next big recruit.


Summer soccer camps should be designed to allow for on the field training and off the field fun. Meeting players from around the world and sharing your love of soccer and of life with your new friends provides you with what makes the world’s game so great. In soccer, only at a summer camp, can you become friends with players from rival teams, other states, and even other countries. Making friendships on and off the field that will last a lifetime. In camps, take advantage of your off-field activities to get to know other players better. At SSA, we work to provide off the field experiences, like floating the Yampa River or soaking in our home town’s famous hot springs, to allow time for players to have fun and connect off the field, to strengthen their connections on the field.


The whole reason for attending a summer soccer camp is to better prepare yourself for your upcoming season. By working with top-level coaches, training multiple times a day, and seeing lots of in-game situations, nothing will prepare you better for you fall season than a fun and intense summer soccer camp.

Summer soccer camps are one of the best ways to expose yourself to all the greatest experiences the game of soccer has to offer. Sign up early, come to camp prepared to learn, to train, to play and to make friends as you prepare for your upcoming season. We look forward to seeing you all at the Steamboat Soccer Acadamy in July!