Winter Soccer Training Part 2

In the winter many teams have a lighter schedule or take time off. This puts the responsibility on you to stay fit and spend time with the ball and continue your winter soccer training. How can you do this without your team and your coaches? Well, this is a great opportunity to take your path into your own hands. Furthermore, this will help you grow as a player because coaches are just your helpers. The great thing about soccer is you ultimately make the decisions in the game, not the coaches. You will decide if you have it in you to make that recovery run back when your team loses the ball. You decide if you can make that overlapping run out of the back to give your teammates a numbers up situation in the attack. You are the ultimate driver of your destiny. Every time you workout, or touch the ball you become a better athlete and a better soccer player.

Here are a couple sources to give you plenty of ideas for your next workout:

1.  Beast Mode Soccer: This is a great site inspired to help create “the self-reliant soccer player”.

2. A source with many topics – soccer specific and overall athletic performance.