Zpro Futbol Goalkeeper Academy at SSA

Training with International Goalkeeper Coach Zuriel "Z" Lozano

The ZPro Futbol Goalkeeper Academy Soccer Camp provides dedicated goalkeeper coaching staff and provides the opportunity for Goalkeepers to use their training in games daily throughout the camp of their choice. ZPro Futbol and the Steamboat Soccer Academy are teaming up to provide goalkeepers at SSA with PROVEN training techniques with international coaching experience.  ZPro's coaches train international goalkeepers around the world as well as college and youth goalkeepers around the United States. The ZPro Goalkeeper Academy at SSA is an integrated part of our SSA Premier Academy and Performance Academy.

With the continued evolution of the modern keeper, we believe that effective training comes from coaching the goalkeeper in several different areas. Our training is comprised of the following areas:

  • Daily training sessions with our ZPro Goalkeeper Director and certified goalkeeper coaches.
  • Goalkeeper training/coaching that is integrated with the SSA field player Academy sessions.
  • Coaching of the Goalkeeper during match games.

Our Philosophy is to teach the proper skill and technique into every training.  We also want our training to be a safe and fun environment for all of our goalies.  We believe that is important to push and challenge all of our goalkeepers no matter their age or ability. We work with our goalies on:

  • Technique/Skills:
    Diving, Footwork, Catching, Throwing, Kicking, and GK Stance
  • Physical Core:
    Balance, Speed, Strength,  Quickness, Power, and Range of Motion
  • Mental Focus:
    Being ready to play, Being aware of your surroundings, staying focused for 90 minutes, and mental toughness.
  • Tactics/Coaching/Communication:
    Organizing defense and restarts, starting position and angle of play, and decision-making in distribution.

What's Included:

  • First-Class Facilities in a spectacular mountain setting
  • Top-level national and international licensed coaching staff
  • Technical, Tactical, and Functional peak performance training sessions
  • Small Sided Competitions and SSA 6-vs-6 Tournament
  • Explosive Speed, Agility, Quickness training
  • Specialized Goalkeeper training

COVID Mitigation Guidelines:

We take participant and staff health and safety seriously. Throughout every program, we will adhere to all National, State, and County Guidelines. Detailed information will be emailed prior to the start of camp.
Basic Guidelines, and not limited to:
  • Only players and staff on the field
  • Training groups appropriately distanced throughout the field complex
  • Designated drop off and pick up points
  • Sanitation stations
  • Daily equipment sanitation
Zpro Goalkeeper Training at SSA

Sample Camp Day Schedule

  • 9:00-11:00 Field Session – footwork, angles, and diving mechanics
  • 1:00-2:30 Tubing Down the Yampa or Swimming at Old Town Hot Springs
  • 3:00-4:45 Field Session - Communication; Match Games
  • 6:30-8:00  Evening Match Games or the 6v6 / 4v4 Events

Remember to get our Cancellation Insurance for Peace of Mind from unexpected injuries and changes in plans. Available during Camp Registration.

Steamboat Soccer Academy Residential Camps will return in 2025.

4-day Performance Goalkeeper Camp

SSA Goalkeeper Academy

*Previous GK playing experience is recommended
Boys and Girls Camp
Ages 9-19 (Player's age at the end of June)

Camper Options:
Day Camper - $425
Day Camper Plus - $625


Session 1

July 7-10, 2024
Ages 9-19


Session 2

July 11-14, 2024
Ages 9-19


Youth Players (ages 9-13)

The Youth Goalkeeper Performance Academy will immerse participants in technical, tactical, and functional sessions. Speed, agility, and quickness training. Keepers will train together in dedicated sessions for improved catching, deflecting, distribution and positioning.

High School Age Players (ages 14-19)

The High School Goalkeeper Performance Academy curriculum challenges players in technical, tactical, and functional training; speed, agility, and quickness training, and fun and intense goalkeeper competitions. Finally, match games are a daily focus as participants compete in the SSA Cup.

Not only a player development camp

The SSA Camp is a true College I.D. Camp.  Our high school participants are coached by a diverse collection of college coaches (ranging from NAIA to D1) providing recruiting exposure in all training sessions and match games.  Interaction with our college staff during the week also provides College Q&A opportunities, insider information on the recruiting process, the life of a college athlete, and NCAA compliance.